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A research and intervention centre on territorial issues
Internal Organization


A research and intervention centre on territorial issues

CET – Centro de Estudos Territoriais (Centre on Territorial Studies), in activity since February, 1991, is an associated Centre from ISCTE - Instituto Superior de Ciências do Trabalho e da Empresa, and the Research Unit no 3124 from the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT).

Our multidisciplinary team (sociologists, architects, economists, geographers, psychologists, among others) is constituted mainly by lecturers from ISCTE, but also by researchers from other universities and public organisms, witch have a large scientific and technique record.

Since its foundation, CET has been developing its activity (focussing on urban issues) in a perspective that gathers the rigorous research on social dynamics with the necessity of intervention, developing new methodologies and innovate techniques, yet under explored in the Portuguese case, such as the methodology of scenarios; analyses of the actors strategy; project methodology; methodologies of participation in evaluation and planning of development projects.

CET has guided is activities by developing qualified research and services to a variety of organisations: FCT, municipals, public institutes, regional services form the central administration, social solidarity institutions. These activities are only possible to develop through a large sort of services, namely consultancy, sociologic research, strategic diagnosis, monitorisation and evaluation of local development projects, and, more recently, evaluation of public policies.

Presently, the Centre has a vast scientific inheritance that results from a continuous research activity in the following fields:

  • Planning, management and territorial development
  • Social and urban inclusion policies and equality of opportunities
  • Housing policies and appropriation of habitat

With the aim of spreading and sharing the conclusions and reflexions of the research work produced among the community, CET publishes, half yearly, a scientific journal: Cidades. Comunidades e Territórios.


Internal Organization

Board of Directors

Madalena Matos • Presidente
Teresa Costa Pinto • Tesoureira
Alexandra Castro • Secretária

José Manuel Henriques • Vogal

General Assembly

Isabel Guerra • Presidente
Walter Rodrigues • Vice-Presidente
Pierre Guibentif • Secretário

Financial Council

Eduardo Vilaça • Presidente
Ana Cotrim • Vogal
Teresa Amor • Vogal


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